I’d like to introduce you to my four legged family,
otherwise known as my sweet puppies!

Cooper, Tag and Stella!

and now Otto!


  1. makingsenseofchinese

    Love your craft and also your dogs! My dogs stay in the suburbs bc of my work schedule, so to keep me company, I have a cat. Love animals and their pure sweetness. I like following your art and photography journey (following u from China) I am here: makingsensofchinese.wordpress.com

  2. Oh my! They’re all very dear. Lucky you and lucky them to have a loving home. Otto is so enjoying the process. He’s looking right into the shot!😀 We’ve had two very special dogs in our homes over the years, both have passed on now and I currently get my fix via the many blogs I visit here at WP. I’d love to have another best friend in our home, but my husband is reluctant. We moved to the city from a home in the country, so we’re still settling in. We’re fussing over two kitties now. Petals and Blossum came to us together, a birthday gift from my brother who has 4 official kitties of his own and a number of kitties that roam in and out of his garage for meals, snuggles and warmth in the winter. Nice to have come your way. I love crafts and animals too. I currently work at a scrapbook store but we do classes in Mixed media on canvas and Journalling and Mini-Album creations….lot’s of fun. Cheers, Boomdee (as I’m known)

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