I’m a crafty crafter and prolific photographer and dabble in all kinds of fun things that I share here at Amaryllis Log. Mr. J, my lovely better half also supports the crafts, which can be found here too. I believe we all need a purpose in life and have a need to accomplish and create. I seek the “art” of “craft” as a passion and a purpose.

I also have a love of animals, four of which live harmoniously with us and are frequently found in my pictures. They believe they are the center of all things fun, and I agree!

Here’s to crafting and having a grand purpose!


Cathe and Cooper


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  2. Just stopping by to say that I really enjoy your blog and have nominated you for the Very Inspirational/Lovely Blogger Award! If you would like to accept, please visit The Inbox Jaunt for more information. If you do not wish to accept the award, please know that your blog has inspired me!

    • Lori, thank you! As you hopefully know, I’m a big fan of yours, I love your blog and the beautiful creations you make and the great places you take your viewers! I also love your photography, it’s very inspirational!

  3. Wonderful blog and wonderful passion! I have 2 four-legged “children” of my own that I adore. I never thought I was crafty as an adolescent, but growing into an adult and see inspiration like this has turned me into a craft freak!

  4. Amaryllis Log,
    Stunning photographs! So excited to follow your beautiful blog! I also had one question: is it okay to “pin” your photographs on Pinterest? I am so inspired by them!
    -Typewriters & Wine

  5. positivethinking13

    Your blog is beautiful and I agree…purpose and passion for something is so important! I look forward to following your blog!๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The Monkey Nest

    I always come back to your blog. It’s like a mini holiday for my brain. I just looked at your day trip photos from the coast. Oh, my Norwegian heart misses the ocean. So in short; Love you blog.

  7. I love your comment about the art of craft and the passion of creating. I also believe that my life’s purpose is to create and to share my skills with as many people as possible. I know I shall enjoy following your blog.

  8. You have a beautiful way with words, and we love your stunning photography. Also, we’re rather head over heels in love with your doggies!
    Looking forward to reading more!
    Ammu and Kirtana

  9. Love your site and you’re totally right about having a purpose, especially if it’s to be a conduit of thoughts and things that are interesting and beautiful with the world…that to me is a treasure that surpasses measure!

  10. Hiya! I (dre of Grackle & Sun) have nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award because I think your blog is full of awesome goodness. If you would like to accept this blog award, you may find the link here:


    And if you’re not into the whole blog award thing, that’s ok, too. The rules for the award were passed on to me. Please know that I did not nominate you because I expect a follow back. I nominated your blog because I read it regularly and genuinely appreciate your writing and the work you do.



  11. Hi Cathe, I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. I learned from a fellow blogger to offer a bouquet of flowers for those who are not accepting awards or are too busy at the moment. Animals are incredible and so is your inspiration that you kindly share!

  12. Aloha, my name is NikkiLynn and I’m an arts and crafts kinda girl myself. I really like your blog and started following you. Please check out mine at Konabeautyartblog. Mahalo Nui Loa!๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hello! Looks like you have been blogging for a while. I am newer to it, but love crafting and photography so I am following here…seems like a fit. I like what I see!

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