amaryllis log

where I left off

I was about half way through this tunic when I put it aside to “entertain”…okay, enjoy the company of my mother-in-law.

Here’s the facts…

Pattern: New Look 6110, view B,
current pattern.

Fabric: Cotton gauze

Alterations: I cut a straight size 14 and added length to the body, about 1″ in total.

Time: I lost track of the time since I started the project and then took a handful of weeks off. My best guess is around 6 hours, which includes cutting out the pattern and fabric. I finished it last night and slipped it on for a trial run!

Make again: Probably not too soon, but it’s a very nice pattern and I would consider making it again at some point.

Lesson learned: Make sure the plaid fabric really lines up, not just the one white stripe. Gauze can be a little challenging, it stretches and has a very loose weave. The pattern on the other hand is exactly what you would expect with very clear directions (pictures and written words).

I’m completely happy with this project although the fabric doesn’t align at the sides. The plaid is perfectly squared up, if that counts. Super easy top to wear and perfect for an indecisive Monday morning!


  1. Hey I really like this top and it looks very comfy and easy to wear, so thanks for the details on the pattern. I have a greeny gauzy fabric in my cupboard for ages and this would be a very good style for it. Hooray to using up some stash, other than the new pattern I’ll need of course. :O

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