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With camera I travel…or something like that.

Warning, I took way to many pictures and I admit I’m horrible at editing down images. So here we go, off to the big apple, always a favorite. I had one day home and took aim to the other coast. I brought the rain along with me.

I find New York always fascinating. So much to see, so very much. Thankfully day light savings is really kicking in so after work the evenings felt long and offered me time to roam with my camera. I tend to prefer the neighborhoods over the city streets. I finding them more telling, all kinds of stories and history.

I tend to stay in the same neighborhood when I visit which has access to the High Line, a wonderful place to stroll. Most of the flowers were captured on the High Line. The other pictures are mainly around Chelsea, Greenwich Village, West Village and Soho.

I named this file “biggest flower”, it’s about the size of both my hands together.

Exactly how do you “curb your dog”?

What’s a Sootta?

And that completes NYC roaming!


  1. Love your photos. I’ve never been to NYC, but, seeing your photos make me want to jump on an airplane. NYC is on my wish list—goal is to visit all 50 states. Working our way east very slowly. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Good stuff! You have a good eye for fine detail. I really like the purple windows, fruiting inflorescence and ivy rambled houses, but my favourite is the be-suited gentlemen lounging outside the tailor’s. I could almost shove them aside in my haste to blunder in (I couldn’t. I’m a midget. And polite. But I can dream).

  3. What beautiful photos.. They are so real… makes me feel like I was in NYC..
    Love it!!!! Thankyou for sharing..
    ps… I just know, Kenny would love to have that coke sign hanging on that store front.ha.

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