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First photo of the day…

I was home long enough to wash my clothes and that’s about it. Last week was New York City, no complaints. Because I was there for work I decided not to take my camera so iphone substituted.

I do this thing with John when I travel, I send him the first picture of the morning. It’s kind of fun to see what strikes you first as you walk out of the hotel room.

I was thinking about vacations and I wonder if you have any ideas…if you were going to take a trip, where would you want to go?


  1. creativetherapydesignstudio

    You are really on a roll with me!!! In my top 5 list of my favorite places to be, New York and Palm Springs are there! So jealous of all your travels…..🙂 I’m enjoying your shots at least.

  2. Cathe…the first thing in the morning photos are fantastic.. Just beautiful.. Made me want to see NYC.ha And how nice that you send John the first photo of the day..SO special.I really enjoy your photos from your different travels So nice of you to share. Thankyou.
    Now, If I were planning a vaccation for Kenny and I, [and could afford to go or even have the health to go?] I would love to go to UK and visit some of our sweet friends over there,
    Like Charlotte T, Charlotte P, Rachel and others. That would be such a dream ..of course my sweet,sweet friend Cathe…would fly over and be with us [she probably would have to fly with me, because I would be tooo scared,lol] We would go and visit the fabric shops that these girls all talk about.
    Now Cathe.. what about you? where would you want to go??
    Then.. Kenny and I both would love to go to Israel to see the Holy Land.

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