amaryllis log

me and Jasmine

Here we go, Jasmine on me. After I posted the “original” Jasmine a few things were bothering me so I went in and made some refinements…well what I intended to do and what I actually did turned out to be more involved…

My first “should have done better” was the binding on the armholes, basically I wanted less bulk, no problem completed. Next, although I like the clever way the tie works with the loop at the top of the bow I didn’t like the size (width) of the loop and decided to make it thicker. By making it thicker it pulls down on the front of the blouse which exposes the facing. At this point I realized I needed to remake the ties altogether, and guess what, the collar and tie is one piece. Okay fine I think, I’d like the collar to be slightly wider and the neckline a little deeper and the ties a little longer…check, check and check. So here is the revised Jasmine, I think she’ll be perfect for summer…which by the way, it was 67 degrees here today and it’s only March! Good bye snow!


  1. Love the new and revised jasmine.Great job. That fabric is just beautiful and really looks good on you..
    Proud you got to sew today and enjoy yourself.. 67 degrees….I am loving it. Aren’t you?
    Here’s hoping spring is here and WINTER is over..yea.

  2. Gorgeous fabric and really flattering shape. All that tinkering is well worth it in the end. The result… an incredibly stylish and perfectly fitted top that you would never be able to buy off the shelf, anywhere!

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