amaryllis log

a partridge in a pear tree

Have you ever come across something that you hadn’t seen or thought about in a very long time?

This was my puzzle as a very little kid and I loved it. I have no idea where it came from or who made it…but notice, some naughty child drew a wing on one of the orange birds…

I came across this puzzle in a pile of stuff in the donation pile at my parent’s. It was the strangest thing to discover, a bit of a déjà vu! Have you ever had one of these experiences…weird aren’t they?


  1. Oh how fun , that you found your puzzle —just heading out!!! And of course It had to come home with you.. So happy you found it.
    One little question? the naughty girl that drawed the wings.. was her name Cathe?hahahhaha
    The last time I went home, Mama gave me some things of hers and Daddys..Just odds and ends.. When I got home, I discovered a hankerchief that was really old. I called to ask her about it, and she told me , It had belonged to my grandmother..and she thought I would like it. [I was thrilled!].. She had forgotten ,she had put it with the stuff to give me. so never mentioned it. What a great peice.

    • Judy, I’m not sure if I drew the wings on the bird. I remember adding eyes to the backside of the bird but not much more. Seriously I have not thought about this puzzle and the last time I played with it I was probably 5 years old. It was like a flood of memories coming at me when I discovered it.

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