amaryllis log

winter wonderland

We woke to the sounds of trees cracking, ummm, an ice storm…

I use to live in such a warm climate and never gave much thought to cold weather beyond being uncomfortable on a cool night. Now I live in the opposite, a very wintery place. I have acquired a wardrobe full of woolly warmness and a love for the beauty and solace of winter (although I do get tired of it as it continues into spring).

Here’s the sights of the day…



  1. Cathe.
    This is beautiful but oh ,how I feel sorry for you.. We had an ice storm in Ms about 10 yrs ago..It totally crippled us.It was awful.We lost all electricity for 3 weeks..[nightmare,ha]. And we were more fortunate than most.. We did have gas heat, while most of our neighbors were with no heat..
    Hope all is well with you. Stay in and warm and enjoy the beauty of it through the window..ha

  2. Omg Cathe! I can only dream to see these in real life. Frozen branches and twigs they are so pretty! But I would imagine the cold to be ghastly. I love your these pictures!

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